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Showcase your home

As a real estate team we are dedicated and committed to marketing your home with the most innovative and effective campaigns available. In order to maximize your home’s exposure we use a variety of marketing platforms that include print, mail, digital, social and person to person contact.


Our state of the art site is just one of the first places your home will be featured and sent to our database of over 2,500 contacts through e-campaigns and featured blogs.

Global Marketing

Intelligently Showcasing Property : HOM Sotheby’s 2014 global media plan will generate 800 million impressions through hand-selected media powerhouses whose innovation, experience and international impact help drive awareness for the extraordinary properties our network represents.

Property Advertising

Skillfully Marketing the Homes We Represent Globally: HOM Sotheby’s property advertising opportunities leverage many of the world’s well-known media publications to enhance local marketing initiatives and drive awareness in the global markets we serve.


Featured in our network offices and Sotheby’s auction house locations, our eGallery provides the listings we represent with instantaneous, global exposure via our exclusive, real time property slideshow .

Targeted Brochure Distribution

We have the ability to distribute your property brochure to all real estate offices and auction house locations within our network- immediately extending your marketing’s reach and exposure. In addition, our in house marketing efforts will work to promote and expose your listing locally through customized property brochures and post cards.

Listing Distribution

Worldwide Property Marketing Exposure: HOM Sotheby’s partner with and distribute properties to the most significant media companies and real estate focused websites in the world; resulting in 90,000,000 property views annually.

Search Engine Marketing

Targeting Real Estate Intenders Globally: To maximize the potential for your home to be found online, it is essential to have a strong search engine marketing strategy. With targeted keywords and placement strategies customized for each of our listings, we are confident our listing strategies will rank top in search.

Social Media

Connecting Globally with the Real Estate Community: We use social media to connect your home to our vast community of real estate intenders and influencers from across the globe.