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Choosing a Neighborhood

When making a home move, the first question for your search process is – What neighborhood do I want to live in? Followed by – What makes a neighborhood great?


Well, the short and simple answer is that it’s the location, people, and the elements within the community that make a neighborhood envy-worthy. If you want to get down into the details, a ton of factors are added into the mix. If you talk to urban planners, geographers, architects or real estate agents for commonalities in top-buying areas, this is what they would say.


First and foremost, the people make the place. The developing communities may bring housing into the neighborhood, but it is the people that occupy the space that add the personality and character. According to founder and president of Project for Public Spaces, “It’s always a bunch of individuals coming in who think the potential for their community is bigger… They have a feeling that something has happened there and start to do little things that collectively add up to a big thing”. In other words, signs of urban renewal indicate that the community getting involved in revitalizing the personal feel of a neighborhood with elements that encourage interaction.


Yes, people make a place but the place must have redeeming qualities on its own. A location with easy access to transportation and well-paying jobs is going to attract a larger population. Urban Planners can attest to suburban areas becoming hot topics because of the transportation accessibility. The American Public Transportation Association and the National Association of Realtors conducted a study that showed that between 2006 and 2011, homes within a half-mile of high-frequency public transit had a better value of 42%. Better jobs with lower transportation costs mean that more of the household incomes can be used for recreation.


For those of you with families or looking to have a family, schools are always a high priority. Andrew Schiller of Location Inc. stated that “by and large, the highest-value home prices in America are found in school districts of very high quality”. Even if you don’t have or want children, neighborhood’s with quality school districts tend to attract people with higher levels of education, that are more likely to actively preserve the community value.


In addition to quality school districts, here in Orange County an important factor for many buyers is proximity to the beach. The ocean has a profound effect on many Orange County buyers and many of them have a specific need, it may be “panoramic ocean views”, or “walk to the beach” or be located “less than a mile from the water”. There’s no doubt living that living so close to the Pacific has it’s many perks and most people love living here because of those perks.


Our team can help you find the perfect Orange County neighborhood for your next home. Our expertise is sure to bring you the best quality experience, so contact us today for all of your real estate needs!

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